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BROAD Top 10 News 2015

  1. BSB Was Listed in “the 40 Most Exciting Innovations of the Year ”(Feb &Nov)
    It was announced by BUSINESS WEEK on Nov 13th, 2015 and two are from China, BROAD factory-made sustainable building was ranked 14. The award was focused on the “J57 Mini Sky City”, featuring a construction speed of 3 stories/day, and an in-building sky street spiraling from the ground to the 57th floor. There are commercial businesses, office spaces and residential housings in the building as well as 19 public atriums that are bigger than basketball courts functioning as gardens, theaters and gyms, making the building an unique in-building city. The time-lapse video of constructing 57 stories in 19 days in Feb has attracted 5 million viewers and shocked the whole world.

  2. The 6th Generation of BSB Tech Solution Has Disrupted All Human Imaginations on Buildings (Nov)
    For the past 7 years, BROAD factory-made sustainable building has created world-amazing miracles characterized by 90% factory fabrication, 5 times energy efficiency, 100 times cleaner air. Now by applying spaceship honeycomb structure, BROAD has successfully renovated the technologies on earthquake resistance, fire protection, noise isolation, as well as building lifespan to the utmost that modern technologies can detect. Meanwhile, streamlined production and container-like transportation have made the buildings as cost effective as that of traditional buildings.

  3. The 11th Generation of Non-electric Chiller Has Been Successfully launched in the Market (Jun)
    BROAD has upgraded non-electric chiller 11 times during the past 24 years. Compared with the 10th generation, the 11th generation has increased energy efficiency by 8%, the life-design been extended to 30 years. BROAD has enjoyed prestigious reputation for the highest energy efficiency, the least fault and the longest life in the global central air conditioning market, and now, BROAD has challenged itself again and hit a new record.

  4. World’s Largest Residual Steam Chiller in Power Plant Drives the Green Transformation in Latin America (Oct)
    Cryoinfra, the largest industrial gas producer in Mexico, installed two units of BROAD single-stage steam chiller with 11.63MW each. It can annually save 11,000 tons of oil, equivalent to planting 1.7 million trees. This project has drawn a wide attention in Latin America for its significant energy conservation and cost effectiveness.

  5. The Biggest Hot Water Heat Pumps Provide Heating for 27,000 Families in Incheon, Korea (Nov)
    Incheon Total Energy Power Plant installed 4 units of BROAD hot water heat pumps of 15MW heating capacity each. The heat pumps deeply recycle the waste heat from cooling water and exhaust gas, which can annually save 7,900 tons of oil, equivalent to planting 1.29 million trees.

  6. BROAD Lung-Pro – A New Sight on the Smoggy Street Scene(Aug)
    The mask type Mini Lung-Pro and the exquisite Car Lung-Pro were looted as soon as they hit the market, attributing to the extreme filtration efficiency (filter PM2.5 by 99%) and affordable price (respectively USD30 & USD45 each). The strange scenes of seeing “Lung-Proers ” in Beijing prove that the life awareness of Chinese people has been aroused, and it reminds everyone the imminence of energy conservation and emission reduction.

  7. Chinese Premier Singled Out BROAD for Special Praise during the Central Economic Work Conference (Dec)
    During the annual Central Economic Work Conference on December 20th, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang praised highly of BROAD high filtration efficiency products in the presence of provincial leaders of China, and pointed out the fact that BROAD products have been serving the State Council. The high recognition of national leaders stimulated BROAD to strive for excellence, and further refine on products to better serve the society.

  8. Club of Mountain Tai Annual Meeting (winter) Held in BROAD Town (Nov)
    Club of Mountain Tai was founded in 1993 with an aim mainly for “Networking & Relaxation”. It is a top level entrepreneurial club with 17 members including Liu Chuanzhi, Jack Ma, Lu Zhiqiang, Wang Zhongjun, Shi Yuzhu, Feng Lun, Zhang Yue, etc. The topic of this winter meeting was overseas investment. This is the second time that the meeting was held in BRAOD Town after 2006. Members enjoyed eating, living and entertainment during their 5-day stay in BROAD Town.

  9. Consolation Fund for Elderly Parents Established(Aug)
    To encourage staff to take better care of their elderly parents, to help them maintain a healthier and longer life, BROAD established the Consolation Fund for Elderly Parents, offering 80- year-old parent RMB5000 each every year. Therefore, Aug 24th, the birth date of Zhang Yongliang, BROAD’s permanent chairman, was designated as the “BROAD Day for the Elderly”.

  10. Chairman Ranked “World’s Top100 Compassionate Business Leaders ” (Sep)
    The renowned British Salt Magazine announced World’s Top100 Compassionate Business Leaders. As the only Chinese, BROAD Chairman Zhang Yue was ranked 28. The citation says: “Yue’s firm manufactures energy-efficient central air conditioning devices and has been recognized for its commitment to green energy. Chairman Zhang’s dream is for non-electric air con to replace electric air con. BROAD Group’s main products are “non- electric chillers” powered by natural gas and waste heat. The Group is also the parent company of BROAD Sustainable Building, an environmentally conscious prefab building company that has found a method of constructing skyscrapers sustainably in 30 days.”

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