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  1. Bcore Slabs are ready for industrialization and it opens the “light and persistent” era of buildings & transport in the world (during the year)(during the year)
    Based on the development of Bcore slabs in 2017, BROAD finished the preparation for the industrialization of Bcore slabs as follows: 1) Finalized the design of automatic hot air copper brazing oven for Bcore slabs. 2) Built the first Bcore slabs line of pre-brazing metal processing. 3) Started the third-party testing certification for Bcore slab applications in the structure & fire control of buildings which are reviewed by specialists. 4) Finished the experimental projects including two buildings and one bridge. 5) Set the designing standards for buildings, roads and bridges. 6) Started the research and development of the application of Bcore slab in vehicle shell, plane shell, ship body, wind turbine blade and vacuum train tube. Until now, BROAD has accomplished the world’s most difficult innovation in structure material all by itself. In the future, BROAD will cooperate with thousands of enterprises worldwide to accomplish more innovations in material application and change the landscape of “High energy consumption, low safety and short service life” in the building and transport industry.

  2. The only enterprise in China to obtain “5A Certification” in all five energy saving service domains(Jan.)
    Evaluated by China Standard Conformity Assessment Co., Ltd. (CSCA) according to RB/T 302 standard, BROAD Energy Service Co. Ltd became the only enterprise in China to obtain “5A Certification” for all five domains which were: “waste heat recovery, building energy saving renovation, boiler improvement, electromechanical system remolding and energy system optimization”.

  3. CHP system from BROAD is installed at the tallest mosque in the world(Jan.)
    Great Mosque of Algiers, with height of 265 meters, is the tallest mosque in the world. The CHP system from BROAD is installed here to realize “zero energy cost on the air conditioner”, saving 1200 tons of oil equivalent, which equals removing the same amount of CO2 emissions as 200,000 trees absorbed annually. This system becomes another energy saving model for BROAD in the non-electric chiller market in over 80 countries in the world.

  4. Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. chooses BROAD non-electric chiller for successive 21 phases of facilities(Dec.)
    In the past 18 years, Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. exclusively procured 49 A/C units from BROAD in total for all of its 21 phases of factory and office buildings to achieve 186MW cooling capacity. This is the highest acknowledgement of the energy savings, reliability and durability of products from BROAD which further motivates us to work harder to create clients’ value.

  5. BROAD won the AWE Environmental Award for promising and realizing “100 times indoor air cleaner”(Mar.)
    BROAD Clean Air Technology Co., Ltd. is the only company who is qualified for the cleanness of fresh air system. BROAD writes clearly in publicity materials and sales contracts that “the indoor air should be 100 times cleaner than outdoor air” and provides the specialized equipment to customers for testing 24/7. Therefore, BROAD won the AWE Environmental Award which is regarded as the Oscars prize in the household application industry.

  6. BROAD Recycled Oil Co., Ltd. became the only industrial waste oil comprehensive utilization unit in Hunan, China(Jan.)
    Since 2018, BROAD Recycled Oil Co., Ltd. has been responsible for the recycling, utilization and harmless treatment of all industrial waste oils in Hunan. This year, BROAD helped the governments of six districts and counties solve the problem of waste landfill and waste left over from history. It provides an important experience for the national soil protection.

  7. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the founding of BROAD Group and launching the big forum on values(Apr.-Jun.)
    On June 5, 1988, BROAD was registered with 30,000 yuan. At the beginning, it developed a pressure-free hot water boiler. After three years, it developed non-electric air conditioning. Later, it developed a clean fresh air system and factory-made steel structures. In the recent three years, it developed Bcore Slabs… In the past 30 years, BROAD has always adhered to three values: Firstly, all products are original. Secondly, energy conservation is the primary goal for all the products. Thirdly, the moral bottom line must be followed. During the three months of the 30th anniversary event, BROAD held over 40 forums in China and overseas to deeply discuss the values of BROAD.

  8. The 3rd Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology was held in BROAD(Oct.)
    As the living, production and office environment of BROAD is a rare low-carbon model in the world, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Hunan Provincial Government set the annual “Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology” to be held in BROAD Town. Within the 10 forums of the 3-day conference, BROAD’s energy-saving technology, clean air production, organic food and air-purified hotels along with the simple and elegant venue layout and comprehensive conference services had impressed thousands of Chinese and foreign participants.

  9. Arrested culprits of technical plagiarism and achieved “zero breakthrough” in intellectual property protection(Jun.)
    In recent years, the state has gradually strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights. The Changsha Public Security Bureau officially arrested Zhang Zhong and others who plagiarized BROAD’s original technology on June 1. This incident has made all of society see the government’s determination to protect intellectual property rights and zero tolerance for plagiarism technology.

  10. Established "BROAD Anti-Corruption Day" to build a transparent corporate culture(Dec.)
    In November this year, the BROAD Group verified a case of bribery of employees where the Changsha Public Security Bureau arrested the suspect Jin Caihong. To fundamentally prevent corruption, the BROAD Group strengthened its anti-corruption system and decided to set the December 9th World Anti-Corruption Day as the “BROAD Anti-Corruption Day”.

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Jan.31, 2019

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