Use & Washing Tips
Use & Washing Tips

BROAD air purifier will star t to run just by plug-in. It's appropriate to work all the y ear around due to low power consumption (more detailed information can be seen on the pr oduct parameter). It can be turned off when you are on business travel

To keep the best air purification, the electrostatic cleaner needs to be washed when it's covered by dust (thickness 1.5mm). The washing is very simple, and it only takes several minutes to wash by using ultrasonic cleaner or detergents (the cleaner must be dried after washing)

Active carbon is a c onsumable material (to be replaced every 1-2 month). It's not expensive and can b e supplied life-long

You can also en trust BROAD service department with the w ashing and maintenance work

You will have mixed feelings when witnessing the ink-lik e waste water after washing. How dirty the air is and ho w lucky our family is!

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