Sacramento International Airport, USA

A public airport located in northwest of downtown Sacramento, capital city of California. Cooling capacity: 715kW

Cooling capacity: 715kW

Model: BDH61.5X-81/95-38/29-7/13-B3-100

Heat source: jacket water

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John Wayne Airport, California, USA

One of the oldest airports in USA

Cooling capacity: 3,700kW

Model: BDH162X-81/110-34/26-6/16-B3-200*2

Heat source: Pressurized hot water from exhaust heat exchanger

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Madrid Airport, Spain

The largest and busiest airport in Spain.

Cooling capacity: 19,800kW

Model: BDH284N-80/120-35/29-6.5/13.5-250*6

Heat source: Pressurized hot water from exhaust heat exchanger

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Melbourne International Airport, Australia

Also known as Tullamarine Airport, it is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne, and the second busiest airport in Australia.

Cooling capacity: 6,384kW

Model: BH325X140/165-35/29.5-6/14-B2-500,BDH224X78/90-35/29.5- 6/14-B2-400

Heat source: hot water

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Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

The largest airport in Turkey, and the 6th busiest in Europe 2012. Cooling capacity: 6,800kW

Cooling capacity: 6,800kW

Model: BDH193X-80/98-35/29-200*3

Heat source: jacket water

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Pakistan Air Force Base

Located at Jacobabad, Pakistan, it is a military base operated by the Pakistan Air Force as well as a civilian airport.

Cooling capacity: 13,712kW

Model: BE393X450-37.5/32-d-H1-400*3

Heat source: exhaust

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