BROAD Inventions

A Brief History of BROAD Inventions

To tackle world problems with the wisdom of Chinese people


In 1988, to tackle the problem of boiler explosion hazards, we established BROAD. In the following year, we invented a pressure-free hot water boiler and transferred the technology to more than ten boiler manufacturers, actualizing the primitive capital accumulation

In 1992, to tackle the problem of ozone layer depletion caused by CFCs, BROAD invented non-electric air conditioning and has sold products to more than 80 countries

In 1996, to tackle the problem of remote real-time service of air conditioning, BROAD invented a global networked monitoring system, which was a forerunner of “INTERNET +” and IoT

In 1999, to tackle the problem of climate change, BROAD invented a new type of air conditioning that uses power plant exhaust to provide cooling and heating, achieving zero emissions

In 2004, to tackle the problem of high energy consumption in central air conditioning, BROAD invented the zero-resistance packaged distribution system, achieving an energy savings by 70%

In 2008, to tackle the problem of indoor air pollution, BROAD invented the clean fresh air machine, making indoor air 100 times cleaner than outdoor air

In 2009, to tackle the earthquake resistance and energy-saving problems of buildings, BROAD invented factory-made steel structure buildings, achieving a 9-magnitude earthquake resistance and five times higher energy efficiency

The history of BROAD is a history of tackling world problems with the wisdom of Chinese people

When the clock of history struck the year 2015, we were greatly surprised to find that in today's world, although construction and transportation industries are embedded with brilliant technologies, the basic structural materials remain quite primitive

This was seen as a critical problem, and BROAD was determined to tackle it

In the following four years, we devoted more than 1,000 staff and experienced more than 100 major failures along the way, one of which cost more than 10 million RMB in a split second. Finally, we successfully invented the sandwiched structural material – the BROAD Core (B-CORE) slab

The B-CORE slab is composed of two stainless steel plates held together with an array of extremely thin core tubes through a 1100ºC copper brazing process. With just a little knowledge of mechanics, we would understand that sandwiched structure is the ultimate structural material with exceptional mechanical properties

However, what is the most essential is that B-CORE slab is made of BROAD’s original hot-air copper brazing technology, which can achieve mass production at low cost

Today, reinforced concrete buildings around the world, though stunning to behold, can only last for a few decades. After all the vanity has receded, the earth is stuffed with construction wastes

- The B-CORE building is made of stainless steel that is one hundred times more corrosion resistant than carbon steel. Its life span can reach thousands of years or even longer, while offering superior earthquake-resistance so that human wealth and historical memories can be passed down for many generations

Today, highways span the globe, taking up vast amounts of land and cutting through fragile ecosystems

- By using B-CORE slabs for road construction, even if the road is built completely overhead, it will be at low cost and will have an extremely fast construction speed

Today, various vehicles everywhere use the same structural material that has been used for a hundred years. The dreams of generations of carmakers to have lighter weight materials have never been realizable until now

- By using stainless steel B-CORE slabs, we could possibly reduce a vehicle body weight at half, and greatly extend a vehicle’s service life

Today, ships sailing through the oceans are majestic, but their hulls still use the same single-layer steel plate as the Titanic

- By using B-CORE slabs to build ships, even if the hull was knocked down into a few sections, a ship will not sink since a B-CORE slab is a sandwiched structure that is half as light as sea water

Today, the greatest pride of humanity, aircraft, is actually made of highly fragile magnesium-aluminum alloy and FRP or carbon fiber. The sandwiched layer is bonded with adhesive and is prone to failure under severe vibration and shock

- Aircraft, using stainless steel B-CORE slabs, would be 10 times stronger, as well as lighter and more durable

Today, the wind turbine, which is regarded by humanity as the greatest hope for future renewable energy, is made of fiberglass and only has a life span of about ten years

- Wind turbine blades made of the stainless steel B-CORE slab can be at least twice as light as fiberglass to realize power generation with a breeze, and more importantly, can last for generations and potentially stop climate change fundamentally

B-CORE slab, a seemingly extremely simple structural material, will transform the world's construction, transportation and energy industries from the foundation due to its superior high mechanical properties, huge size, and ultra-low cost

History will prove: the invention of the B-CORE slab has marked the possession of infinite resources, and henceforth mankind has been able to build an everlasting civilization on this beautiful planet where our ancestors have resided for generations

January 2, 2020 Chairman’s Office

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