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BROAD provides building decoration, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, medical gas, product supply, construction management, installation and adjustment, as well as air quality management contractor services for hospital clean rooms. BROAD helps to build a safe, comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, environmental friendly clean room system.

Traditional Clean Room

Clean room is also called hospital operation room, ICU, or industrial clean room, which requires super-clean air. Since 1940s, all standard clean rooms in the world have been using high efficiency filter installed in the ceiling, from which purified air covers the room downwards from the ceiling. Although has no dead zone, this method has complicated and long-term design, as well as huge investment on construction and equipment. The replacement of filter every time is a huge project, during which time the clean room must be closed. Meanwhile, the replacement work at heights also makes it difficult to ensure airtight installation.

Revolution on Medical Purification Industry

BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine is a significant revolution for clean room equipments. It can not only meet standard codes for clean room, but also realize extremely low investment cost, lower operation expense, and zero maintenance distraction. Meanwhile, the electrostatic cleaner can completely eradicate bacteria, making vital contribution to medical clean room. Featuring by incomparable low cost, simple installation and maintenance work, BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine is applicable for all wards, clinics, pharmacies in the whole hospital, and can drastically reduce the infection rate as well as the usage rage of antibiotics, comprehensively improving the living environment for patients and medical personnel. 60 years after the birth of the first laminar flow clean room in human history, BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine will bring about another revolution in the medical purification industry.


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