Aircon Fresh Air

Aircon Fresh Air EPC

BROAD provide design, purchase and installation of “Clean Central Aircon Package”, making building indoor air 100 times cleaner than outdoor

BROAD Clean Central Aircon Package includes packaged non-electrical aircon chiller, clean fresh air recovery machine, aircon coil, fan coil, etc.

Investment per m2 for a “ Clean Central Aircon Package” project over 30,000 m2 is only 50 USD (about 10 USD for fresh air machine, 4 USD for air conditioning coils, 10 USD for fan coils, 20 USD for air conditioning chiller and distribution system)

Comparison with Traditional Contractor

Projec Contracted by BROAD Traditional Contractor
Philosophy Healthy, energy efficient, cost effective, worry-saving Maximum-profit oriented, difficult to balance quality, energy efficiency and health
Accreditation BROAD holds several construction accreditations, its project managers also hold necessary certifications It’s common for engineers to affiliate their qualifications and certifications to others
Design product functions are integrated into building perfectly, the design is simple to reduce initial investment and operation cost Design department is engaged in construction, while construction party does not bear design risk, and has no consideration on lowering initial investment and operational energy consumption
Equipment Full-scope safeguards on energy-saving, environment protection and quality service, full use of equipments Various suppliers and product quality standards deteriorate system compatibility, while oversized equipments increase cost
Purchase Independent production. All materials are the most endurable and energy-efficient ones. Fixed-supplier purchase reduces mid-links and lowers cost The construction party cannot fully understand designer’s intention, while mass on-site production and installation increases quality control difficulty.
Construction BROAD takes care of equipment, design and construction, ensuring high construction efficiency and rigorous techniques The pursuing of maximum profit increases hidden quality risks, and many troubles occur gradually after 1-2 years
Control Integrated control, standard configuration, good system compatibility Various control system suppliers deteriorate system compatibility
Adjustment Install-and-play saves a large amount of cost on energy and labor work Time-consuming, big chance for system incompatibility set many functions aside
Service BROAD is responsible for system life-time after-sales service Designers, constructors and equipment suppliers are apt to shift responsibilities to others


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