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BROAD Group is a privately-owned enterprise founded in 1988 in China with RMB 30,000. The company has developed hundreds of hi-tech products and has never copied any technology of its peers since inception. The mission of BROAD Group is “For Humanity’s Future: Using original low carbon & durable technology for the earth. Using original clean & safe technology for humans.”Headquartered in Changsha, BROAD Group has exported products to over 80 countries. BROAD subsidiaries are listed below:
  1. BROAD Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., registered in 1988, manufactures non-electric air conditioning systems and district heating and cooling systems powered by industrial waste heat, power exhaust gas and natural gas with the mission of “continuously deepening research, development and service, leading the world’s direction in energy efficiency”

  2. BROAD Clean Air Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2005, produces Fresh Air Machines with 80% heat recovery, filtering PM2.5 by 99.9% and bringing in 100% fresh air. The company also produces commercial, household and portable air purifiers and air monitor with the mission of “clean air shared by all humans”

  3. BROAD Nearly Zero Energy Building Co., Ltd., started in 2005, specializes in the design and construction of retrofitted buildings, energy conservation sharing and carbon credit trading with the mission of “recoating existing buildings and reducing carbon footprint by 10 times, for warm winter and cool summer”

  4. BROAD Energy Service Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, provides clients with investment consulting, design, implementation and operational ser vice of large central air conditioning systems and industrial heating and cooling systems by means of BROAD low carbon technologies, products and energy management contract (EMC), with the mission of “optimizing resources, being worry-free, money-saving and low carbon”

  1. BROAD Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., established in 2008, produces clean oil from industrial and transportation waste mineral oils as raw materials with the mission of “eradicating waste oil pollution for the world”

  2. BROAD Sustainable Building Co., Ltd. set up in 2009, supplies ultra-strong and ultra-light stainless steel B-CORE slab series of products which transform the world’s construction and transportation industries from the foundation. The mission is “building an everlasting civilization.” It owns the following subsidiaries:
1) BROAD Holon Co., Ltd. manufactures factory-made stainless steel B-CORE Holon buildings with the mission of “providing all humans with truly superb housing”

2) BROAD Wind Power Co., Ltd. produces breeze power generation system with the mission of “letting wind power spread across every corner of the earth, benefiting all humans”

3) BROAD B-CORE Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. develops elevated B-CORE expressway, bridges and vertical factories with the mission of “preventing expressways from cutting apart the nature”

4) BROAD Lightweight Transportation Co., Ltd. develops stainless steel B-CORE shells of cars, airplanes and ships with the mission of “making transportation vehicles lighter and safer”

5) BROAD Vacuum Loop Co., Ltd. develops stainless steel B-CORE extremely hi-speed vacuum tubes and train bodies with the mission of “fulfilling the dream of the time tunnel with intercontinental transportation”

6) BROAD B-CORE Slab Co., Ltd. produces B-CORE Slabs for BSB and its partners, with the mission of “setting up the safest factories with the highest efficiency in the world”

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