BROAD Group is a private manufacturing enterprise dedicated to original innovation. Headquartered in Changsha City, Hunan, China, it has over 3,000 employees and products sold to more than 80 countries. BROAD wholly-owns the following subsidiaries:

BROAD Air Conditioning Co. Ltd., founded in 1988, supplies non-electric central air conditioning under built-in vacuum condition powered by natural gas and waste heat and packaged water distribution system. It is world-renowned for super energy efficiency

BROAD Clean Air Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, supplies clean fresh air machine that recovers 80% heat and filters PM2.5 by 99.9%, as well as a complete series of clean air products and air quality monitoring device for commercial to domestic use and wearable for personal use

BROAD Energy Service Co. Ltd., founded in 2007, provides equipment,investment, design, construction and operation of district cooling-heating-power(CHP) projects, and pursues the greatest extent of energy conservation through market mechanism

BROAD Sustainable Building Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, supplies ultimate structural material for construction and transportation sectors, i.e. CTS slab, truly bringing about a sustainable development path for human being

BROAD Headquarters - BROAD Town (pictured at 4pm, 12 Oct, 2015)

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