New Medical Center of Xiangya Hospital,
Changsha, Hunan, China

It is known as the biggest modern medical town in Asia, equipped with cutting edge medical care services integrated with outpatient, inpatient, assay and health care. 4 units of BROAD non-electric chillers were selected to serve an air conditioning area of about 260,000m2. The business mode is 'Integrated proposal+partial engineering+ operation management+ whole expense'. BROAD participated in proposal optimization,which greatly decreased the initial investment of A/Csystem and machine room area.

Social Benefits

Yearly energy saving equivalent to 3,800 ton oil

Yearly CO2 emission reduction by11,600 ton,

equivalent of planting 640,000 trees

Shanghai World EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China

Shanghai World EXPO Park covers over 5.28 km2 area with 2.2 million m2 construction area. Totally, 22 energy centers which all with BROAD packaged nonelectric chillers and BROAD engineering & operation service to satisfy all 250 EXPO pavilions. BROAD is awarded as 'Gold Award for Special Contribution' by Shanghai EXPO Bureau.

Social Benefits

Reduce power installation by 35,000kVA and cut power peak demand in summer by 30,000 kW

Reduce low-efficient electrical infrastructure investment by 220 million RMB and save electricity 180 million Kwh

Yearly SO2 emission reduction by 560 ton,Yearly NOx emission reduction by 270 ton

Yearly CO2 emission reduction by 73,000 ton, equivalent of planting 4 million trees, which excellently features on the Expo theme 'Low Carbon Expo', equivalent to the 8 Expo Gardens' area covered by forests.

Nanjing Hexi New Town, Jiangsu, China

It is China's largest waste heat district cooling/heating system, the main energy is waste steam from power plants, supplemented by natural gas. It is safe,reliable with energy cascade utilization. The new city covers an area of 15 km2, and 13 energy centers are planned to set up to cover 15 million m2. Among them the Youth Olympic energy center covers 1.03 million m2 equipped with 1,360kW gas engine and 8 BROAD non-electric chillers, covering places like Youth Olympic Village, International Youth Culture Center and Olympic Museum etc..

Social Benefits

Increase the comprehensive energy efficiency from less than 40% to more than 70%.

Decrease Hexi district power peak demand and reduce power facility by 300,000 kVA

Yearly energy saving equivalent to 40,000 ton oil.

Yearly CO2 emission reduction by120,000 ton, equivalent of planting 6.6 million trees.

Moon Bay Industry Park, China-Singapore Industrial Zone,
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

This is the first DES project in Jiangsu province while DBFO (Designing+ Building+ Financing+ Operating) business mode is applied. The central heating is supplied through surplus steam which is from Dong Wu power plant, and the central cooling is supplied by BROAD steam chillers through waste heat recovery. The piping network covers all Moon Bay area and surrounding 11 km2 area. This project was awarded over 10 million RMB for the 'State Budgetary Fund for Resource Conservation and Environment Protection in the Year 2011'.

Social Benefits

Yearly cost saving by RMB 4 million

Yearly energy cost saving by 1,800 ton equivalent oil

Yearly SO2 emission reduction by 70 ton

Yearly CO2 emission reduction by 5,400 ton, equivalent of planting 300,000 trees

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