J57 Mini Sky City

Green Tech

A factory-made sustainable building invented by BROAD with the video of its construction process attracted more than 5 million viewers on YOUTUBE, shocking the whole world.

90% factory-made, state-of-the-art processes, rigid inspections

100% steel structure, no collapse during 9 magnitude earthquake

20cm thermal insulation, 4-paned ultra-clear glass window, auto external solar shading, fresh air heat recovery, cooling-heating-power application, LED lighting, 5 times more energy efficiency

PM 2.5 filtered by 99.9%, 100% fresh air, indoor air 100 times cleaner than that outdoors

City inside the Building

The world's first indoor Sky Street spiraling 3.6km upwards from 1F to the roof garden and swimming pool on the 57F

19 atriums at 10m tall by the side of the Sky Street: city square, badminton court, tennis court, climbing gym, gallery, theater, cinema, botanic garden…

Residents can go walking, jogging, riding, square dancing, neighbor socializing, shopping freely in a space like a town

Constant temperature in four seasons with air quality 100 times cleaner than that outdoors

Car-free Life

An inclusive community of 180,000m2 integrating work and life where residents can walk to work, makes the building a future-city model

1-10F: office and commercial space

11-57F:above 700 apartments , more than 20 sizes ranging from 90m2to600m2

Kindergarten, confinement club, education center, organic farming market, organic restaurant, etc., in the building

Central vacuuming, central reverse osmosis drinking water, central classified garbage recycling

Conveniently located on No.3 BROAD Rd, 15km from the airport and 13km from the city centre

Paradise outside the Building

An area of 0.6k2 (60ha) of BROAD Town is open to all residents, which includes 53ha of virgin forest, artificial garden and organic farms, makes the building a never-never land

No pesticide, fertilizer, herbicide or other toxic substances for almost 20 years makes the building a rare health caring land

Tight security measures allow children to play themselves to the utmost without company of parents

Catching insects, chasing butterflies, shooting birds, playing sands… Kids can indulge themselves in the happy childhood hours of making troubles & playing hide–and–seek games among many peers, achieving a happy and healthy growth


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