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BROAD EMC is based on BROAD's over 30 years' experience in central air conditioning system service, operations management and massive global operation data analysis. It utilizes natural gas, electricity, industrial waste heat, wind, solar energy, geothermal energy, reclaimed urban water and other energy sources according to local conditions on the foundation of BROAD's various energy-saving products and technology applications. With multi-energy complementation, cascade utilization, energy storage and comprehensive supply as the core, and through the computerized and intelligent management, the efficient use of energy can be realized.

BROAD EMC not only provides customers and urban areas with cooling, heating, electricity, steam and sanitized hot water but also offers all-round services including consulting, diagnosis, design, construction and operation. With central air conditioning energy-saving technology, building energy-saving retrofitting and the total solution of urban comprehensive energy applications, BROAD EMC can maintain the optimum balance between comfort and energy consumption.



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