Established in 2009, BROAD SUSTAINABLE BUILDING CO., LTD (BSB) is a wholly-owned subsidiary ofBROAD Group and a specialist manufacturer of factory-made sustainable buildings as well. Upuntil 2015, a total investment of more than 666 million USD has been invested for research anddevelopment, and more than 30 pilot and commercial projects have been completed. BSBCentral Factory is located in Xiangyin, Hunan, with 230,000m2 workshops and 1,800 staff.

Product Advantages:

Technology: “Factory-made” methodology is the core value, which means factory-prefabricationby 90% from the structure, exterior wall & window to interior decoration and MEP. It has disruptedthe conventional construction. Buildings are designed per the local structure and fire protectionstandards so that local approvals can be obtained. For instance, the tallest building in the world,a 202 story building which was designed by BSB got the approval from Chinese government onApril 1, 2014.

Quality: All component designs are finalized only after experimental verifications in workshops. Allcomponents are delivered only after the quality control process inspection through production,and installation can be progressed after quality control inspection approval in every process, sothat a zero-defect acceptance on top-sealing is ensured.

Cost: As factory-made technology is used, the efficiency of production, installation, logistics hasbecome 6-10 times higher and material waste is next to zero, the total cost is 20-40% lower thanthat of conventional buildings.

Environment Value

BSB’s core value sticks to “7 sustainable principles”:

1. 90% factory-made (construction waste less than 1%)

2. 5 times more energy efficient

3. PM2.5 filtration by 99%

4. Withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake

5. land saving (a focus only on high-rises)

6. material saving ( all steel structure, recyclable)

7. durable (e.g. stainless steel pipes for water supply, air-conditioning and fire protection).

BSB’s primary value is energy saving: 15-30 cm thermal insulation and 3-4 paned glass windows are applied respectively per local climate zones. Fresh air heat recovery machines and CHP system are equipped with all BSB buildings, which have enhanced energy efficiency 80% higher than that of conventional non-insulated buildings. If all buildings in the world could adopt BSB technology, 30%+ global energy would be saved. Never has a technology in human history borne so profound social impact.

Position in the Industry

In the global construction industry, BSB is the only enterprise which uses “factory-made” methodology to build super high rises, and also is the only one which has reached 90%factory-made level. Nowadays, there are many companies that produce precast concrete buildings and several companies that build steel structures at home and abroad. It features some prefabricated structures in factories, most of the work is done onsite. Generally prefabrication accounts for 20-40%.

BSB proprietary technology was invented by BROAD Group with more than 80 patents. From 2011 to 2015, time lapse videos of “15-story hotel built in one week”, “30-story hotel built in 15 days”, and “57-story building built in 19 days” have received successively more than 15 million viewers on YouTube, which has rocked whole world again and again. BSB was honored with “the Innovation Award in 2013” from CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat), became the first winner from the construction industry in China. Jury Statement reads: “Tall building designers have used prefabrication techniques on discrete elements for years, but never before has an entire prefabricated building system been developed to this degree. It is both a structural and mechanical engineering response to the demands of a rapidly urbanizing world. Integrating a bolted assembly technique with triple glazing, automatic blinds and air filtration systems. The BSB Method is a clear and innovative way of fundamentally rethinking tall building construction, and holds great promises for the future.”


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