1. BROAD Holon Building received the First Place award in the Modular Building Institute's Annual "World of Modular Awards of Distinction" 2022 in the multifamily 2500㎡+ category, setting off a trend thinking of no more concrete use in buildings(Apr.)
    On April 28, at the World Modular Building Annual 2022 BROAD Holon Building won the First Place award - "World of Modular Awards of Distinction" in the multifamily 2500㎡+ category out of 141 entries thanks to Holon buildings equipped with following features: all is stainless steel structured, 100% factory made, zero concrete, nearly zero energy consumption, 99.9% PM2.5 filtration of clean fresh air. Additionally, Holon Building obtained the Innovation Award 2022 from CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) and was selected as the Ivey case and the Harvard case. It has triggered extensive reflections and discussions on the transformation of the construction industry, especially on the elimination of concrete in buildings among global experts, media and people of insight

  2. An auto streamlined production line was completed with a daily capacity of 10,000 ㎡ Holon buildings, boosting the transformation of the world's building production paradigm(Dec.)
    The production line R&D team of BROAD Holon Co., Ltd. cooperated with the R&D teams of 10 suppliers around the world to set up the world's first Holon Building auto streamlined production within 1.5 years. The production line consists of 96 robots, 60 sets of laser welding systems, more than 200 sets of high-precision facilities, and a 60,000 ㎡ factory. The daily output of one worker is 10 ㎡, 1000 workers in total, which is 50 times more efficient than the conventional construction methods, and fundamentally eliminates defects in construction quality. Completing the "0 to 1" breakthrough of the streamlined production this year, BROAD Holon will accelerate its global deployment to quickly promote the growth of "1 to N", so that the global construction industry will be shifted from the on-site construction which is "dirty, polluting, slow" to the factory production paradigm which is "rigid, precise and fast".

  3. Researched and tested 5 different types of wind blades and 2 kinds of power generation systems, breaking the bottleneck of global wind power(Apr. to Dec.)
    Wind power is recognized as the best solution to climate change, but traditional wind power has inborn disadvantages: Firstly, the life design of FRP wind blades is short, and will generate much pollution after being discarded. Secondly, wind blade is too heavy and is difficult to expand the wind-catching area. Thirdly, the wind blade is extremely long and difficult to transport, and the transport cost is extremely high. Fourthly, the speed-up gearbox for power generation is difficult to maintain and is prone to scrap. Fifthly, power generation is constrained by the availability of the wind resources and may not match the needs of the grid, resulting in frequent wind abandonment. Aiming at the five major bottlenecks restricting the development of wind power in the world, BROAD Harvest Power Co. Ltd. has finally found a complete set of solutions through research, development and testing of 5 types of wind blades, 2 types of speed-up power generation systems, and 3 types of towers with completely different technical solutions: 1. Wind blade materials adopt metal and glass to achieve extremely long service life, and zero pollution when discarded. 2. The structure of the wind blade is a steel pipe truss with steel rope, which significantly reduces weight and expands the wind-catching area by 3 times, creating conditions to catch wind power without setting up wind turbines on high mountains or in the far seas. 3. Wind blade can be disassembled and fit a container for transportation. The 4.6MW power generation system adopts the combination of external gears and 3 generators, which greatly improves reliability. 5. The tower with a height of more than 100m is designed as a hydrogen storage tank to produce hydrogen when the grid does not need it or abandons wind, avoiding the impact of wind power on the grid, making renewable energy truly green energy.

  4. After 18-year efforts, BROAD Packaged Water Distribution System was finally approved as the industry standard(Apr.)
    In 2004, BROAD created the world's original packaged water distribution system, which adopted zero-resistance filters, intelligent control and other energy-saving technologies. For 18 years, it has served customers in more than 80 countries to reduce 70% of water distribution power consumption. In April, the industry standard "Packaged Water Distribution System for Water-Cooled Chiller(Heater)" edited by BROAD experienced numerous challenges and was finally approved and issued by the competent authority. From then on, the technical level of central air-conditioning water distribution industry in China has been significantly improved, and it has developed with the direction of replacing "closed-door design" with "industrial research", "site construction" with "factory production", and "extensive energy use" with "meticulous energy efficiency".

  5. BROAD waste heat chillers were selected by BASF Zhanjiang , a project with EURO10 billion investment, the project has become a paragon of Sino-Europe climate cooperation(Dec.)
    Following the purchase of BROAD non-electric air conditioning by BASF-YPC for Phase One and Two, 5 BROAD waste heat chillers with total capacity 45MW for the process cooling were chosen again by BASF Zhanjiang, which will cut CO2 emissions by 65,000 tons yearly and to achieve the goal of "Net Zero Emissions" earlier. This year, the global consensus on climate protection has been enhanced significantly, and many world's high-energy consumption giants, e.g.BMW plant in South Carolina, Verdo Energy in Denmark and JSW Steel in India... have purchased BROAD's waste heat chillers and made it the benchmarks for energy efficiency and carbon reduction respectively.

  6. After 22-year cooperation, Haichang Group & BROAD Group have joined hands to construct the world-class low-carbon ocean park(Jun.)
    The bimodal solution of BROAD Packaged absorption chiller and Power-efficient chiller was chosen by Haichang Ocean Park Zhengzhou, providing the world's best energy-efficient technology for this world-class park. Previously Haichang Group used BROAD chillers with a total capacity 40MW for their ocean parks in Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, Wuhan, and Shanghai, which have reduced 23,000-ton CO2 emissions yearly, equaling to planting 1.14 million trees yearly. It has penned a 22-year great story of cooperation between both parties.

  7. Electrostatic air purifiers serve the Metro of "Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan"three cities , contributing to reducing virus spreading(Dec.)
    Changsha Metro has been using BROAD's original electrostatic air purifiers for many years to safeguard citizens’ travels. It has greatly cut the environmental sanitation costs and enhanced the city's image. Due to the unique function of the BROAD electrostatic air purifiers to instantly kill viruses, it has attracted much attention during the world public health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past 3 years. Experts believe that electrostatic air purifier is a simple, effective, low-cost, and non-toxic solution to virus spreading in places where people gather. Therefore, all stations on the newly-built Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan west circle line, the Maglev east extension line, and the west extension line of Metro Line 2 have used BROAD electrostatic air purifiers again this year.

  8. BROAD Energy Service won the first 5A-certificate of "carbon neutral service" in China(Oct.)
    BROAD Energy was selected from nearly 300 leading companies, and became the first company to win the national 5A-certificate in both categories of "energy-saving and low-carbon technology" and "carbon neutral consulting service" thanks to the outstanding contribution in energy-saving services and the leading role in green development, after the evaluation and certification by the Beijing Beacon Certification Agency in accordance with the "Carbon Neutral Service Evaluation Guide" T/ZSEIA010-2022.

  9. BROAD Nearly Zero Energy Building Co., Ltd. was restructured, specializing in building insulation retrofitting, promoting pragmatic carbon reduction(Jan.)
    Founded in 2005, BROAD Energy Efficiency Co., Ltd. specialized in the energy-saving retrofitting of central air-conditioning systems and fresh air systems. Through more than 10 years of research on building energy consumption, it was found that the energy waste caused by buildings without thermal insulation was more than 10 times than the energy waste of air-conditioning systems. Therefore, BROAD Group decided to adjust the business direction of the energy efficiency company to specialize in building thermal insulation retrofitting. "BROAD Nearly Zero Energy Building Co. Ltd." was named. The retrofitting has five aspects: thick exterior wall insulation, multi-paned glass windows, interior and exterior shades, and fresh air heat recovery machine, retrofitted buildings can reach the European "passive house standard" and China's "nearly zero energy consumption standard", which is 90% more energy-efficient than traditional buildings. BROAD Nearly Zero Energy Building Co., Ltd. combined with market-oriented means such as investment operations, carbon trading, and carbon finance promotes pragmatic carbon reduction in the construction sector that consumes 40% global energy.

  10. "Points Award System" was established, clarifying work goals, strengthening process management, and promoting employee progress(Jun.)
    In order to enable employees to clarify work goals and the methods and actions to achieve goals, and to enable managers to pay attention to subordinates every day and quantitatively evaluate the behavior and performance of subordinates every month, dozens of middle and senior executives of the group spent more than 4 months to create the "Points Award System" with "Guidelines for Awarding Points", "Guidelines for Deducting Points" and more than 10 checklists of department/post contributions and dereliction of duty. On the other hand, the group and its subsidiaries draw a certain percentage of their monthly and annual profits as bonus pool for the Points Award. The implementation of the "Points Award System" has transformed corporate management from "feeling-oriented" in the past to "quantifiable", and has significantly improved employee attitudes and performance. In 2022, the per capita income of all employees increased by 26% compared with the previous year.

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