BMZ Steel Work, Gomel, Belarus

The largest steelwork manufacturer in Belarus.
Cooling capacity: 8,800kW

Model: BDH75*2, BDH150*2,BDH200*4, BDH250*2

Heat source: hot water


Cerro Motoso, Cordoba, Colombia

The world's second largest producer of ferronickel.
Cooling capacity: 1,454kW

Model: BZE125IX D-500-d-B3

Heat source: natural gas & exhaust


Kocaer Rolling Mill, Izmir, Turkey

Founded in 1960 with area coverage 270,000m2. In 2008,it ranked top 100 largest companies in Turkey and exported products to 100+ countries.
Cooling capacity: 872kW

Model: BDH75X80/95-36/30-100

Heat source: hot water


Celikel Aluminum, Kocaeli, Turkey

Celikel Aluminum was founded in 1968, and 70% of their products are allocated for export.
Cooling capacity: 710kW

Model: BDH61X80/95-34/28-7/12-75

Heat source: hot water


JSW Steel Limited, Karnataka, India

India's third-largest superior quality manufacturers of steel products.
Cooling capacity: 16,282kW

Model: BS350IX0.4-43/35-16/23-300*3,BS350X0.4-43/35-16/23-300*1

Heat source: steam


Chunghua Aluminum Industry, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The company is a well-known company in Bangladesh and produces high-quality aluminium products.
Cooling capacity: 1,454kW

Model: BYE125IX500-125

Heat source: exhaust

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