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BROAD Holon Won the 2022 Innovation Award from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Recently, the 2022 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) International Conference (China region) was held in Shanghai. The Holon building, a stainless steel factory-made building designed by BROAD Group from Hunan, won the " Innovation Award 2022 from the CTBUH".

This is the second time that BROAD Group has won the "Innovation Award " from the CTBUH since last time in 2013.

The CTBUH jury commented on BROAD: Many years ago, designers of high-rise buildings prefabricated parts of buildings, but never to the extent of prefabricating the entire building. This is an action in response to the world's rapid urbanization in the fields of building structure and mechanical engineering, integrating technologies such as bolt installation, four-layer glass, automatic shading, and air filtration. BROAD's sustainable building provides a clear and innovative method for redefining the construction of high-rise buildings.

It is reported that the Innovation Award aims to recognize companies or individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of high-rise buildings and urban environments. The Innovation Award mainly recognizes the innovation in high-rise building projects achieved in specific fields during design, construction and operation or thorough testing and recording of their applicability.

The material of BROAD Holon Building is the stainless steel B-Core slab, and the entire building has a new application in the field of building insulation systems and 100% indoor clean air systems, pushing the design of high-rise buildings to a higher level.

Innovation Award Project: BROAD Holon Building

Holon Building is BROAD’s stainless steel factory-made building. Floor slabs are made of BROAD’s original “stainless steel B-Core slab”, which is ultra-light and ultra-strong, while its columns and beams are made of section stainless steel. Concrete is not used in the whole building. Structures, decorations and MEPs are 100% factory-made. The only procedure to be conducted on site is bolt connection. Minimum 3 floors per day can be erected on site. A prefabricated module is shipped as a standard 40 ft container, enabling convenient and low-cost transportation worldwide.

Holon Building has five distinctive advantages: Firstly, stainless steel is super durable and earthquake resistant, showing great vitality. Secondly, BROAD Fresh Air System produces 100% fresh air and filters PM2.5 by 99.9%, preserving life. Thirdly, with thick thermal insulation layer, multi-layer glasses and fresh air heat recovery, Holon building cuts 80%-90% carbon compared with that of conventional buildings, protecting future generations. Fourthly, Holon Building allows flexible changes to the housing types and floor plans. The building itself can even be disassembled and rebuilt in another location. Fifthly, compared with conventional buildings, Holon building with the global dominating vitality offers the highest quality at low cost thanks to the streamlined production and “volume for price” supply chain system. Moreover, it is perfectly suited to a range of buildings from luxury housing and skyscraper to affordable housing.

In the future, BROAD will continue to upgrade and improve its diverse product matrix and technology system, practice efficient, green, and environmentally sustainable development, and contribute to global carbon neutrality.

Source: Hunan Today

Original Title: BROAD Holon Won "Innovation Award 2022 " from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

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