Steinway & Sons Piano, New York, USA

A subsidiary of Steinway musical instrument. It has the highest quality of grand and upright pianos in the world. Also it is the largest project of solar thermal system in New York.
Cooling capacity: 814kW

Model: BZH30X, BZ40IXD

Heat source: natural gas, solar hot water


Panasonic Electric Works, Plana, Czech

It is a branch of Panasonic in Czech, specializing in communication/electronics products.
Cooling capacity: 128kW

Model: BDH11X70/90-32/27-7/12-20

Heat source: hot water


Japan Tobacco International, Turkey/Russia

JTI has over 25,000 employees and operates in 120 countries with headquarters in Geneva. They purchased BROAD chillers to provide cooling for factories in Turkey and Russia.
Cooling capacity: 9,434kW

Model: BDH75; BDH200; BS600

Heat source: steam, hot water


ORS Bearing, Ankara, Turkey

One of the first ball bearing manufacturers in the world accredited with ISO 9000 in 1993.
Cooling capacity: 2,326kW

Model: BDH200X100/120-32/26-7/12

Heat source: hot water


MABE, Queretaro, Mexico

A global company which designs, produces, and distributes appliances to more than 70 countries around the world.
Cooling capacity: 2,268kW

Model: BE65X438-30.6/23.9-10/15.6-d-B3-50*3

Heat source: exhaust


Meghmani organic Limited, Gujarat, India

A leading manufacturer of pigment and pesticide products in India.
Cooling Capacity: 2,652kW

Model: BHS75X0.8-84/91-37.5/32-7/12, BHE153X430-80/90.5- 37.5/32-6/11-d-200

Heat source: steam, exhaust, jacket water

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