Cleanroom Engineering
Cleanroom Engineering Cases

Xiangya Hospital

Triple A level hospital directly subordinate to Ministry of Health, single building with an area of 270,000 mm2.

BROAD provided air conditioning, fresh air units, ICU cleanroom renovation design, engineering and operation management.

Heilongjiang Tumor Hospital

BROAD provided design, products and engineering for central air conditioning,

ventilation & protection system of pathological lab, air conditioning clean system, intelligence control system and infrastructure.

Stomatological Hospital of Jilin University

It’s one of the largest stomatological hospitals in China,

BROAD provided design, products and engineering of central air conditioning and clean room system.

Chongqing Children’s Hospital

It’s the leading triple A children’s hospital in China.

BROAD provided central air conditioning, class 1000 ophthalmic operating room, energy-saving innovation design, products and engineering.

Chenjiaqiao Central Hospital Chongqing

BROAD provided CHP machine room, also provided design,

products and engineering for clean area like operating room and ICU for the new building of Chenjiaqiao Central Hospital.

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