BROAD Culture


BROAD Mission2017

For Humanity's Future

BROAD's Unique Building Energy Conservation Technology Protects the Earth

BROAD's Unique Clean Air Technology Protects Mankind

BROAD Faith1998

The Farming Law

Equal pay and gain. No pay, no gain

Constant pay leads to constant gain

BROAD Tenet1992

Perfect oneself to be outstanding,

restrain oneself to be absolutely obedient

BROAD Moral Line2003

7 ''Nos'' & 1 ''Without''

No environmental pollution, no technology plagiarism,

no deceiving customers, no vicious competition, no chain debts,

no tax evasion, no bribery

Without malicious conscience

BROAD Employee's Moral Line2017

10 ''Nos'' & 1 ''Without''

No malfeasance, no indolence, no promise breaking, no lie, no clique,

No betray, no bribery, no avarice, no waste, no pollution

Without sourness

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