EP History

  • 1992
    Invented China's first CFC-free direct-fired non-electric air conditioning
  • 1997
    Invented the world's first plate heat exchanger for non-electric air conditioning with energy efficiency increased by 40%
  • 1998
    Release the BROAD Declaration , advocating "fighting against low energy efficiency and material waste to the fullest, extending product lifespan to the longest"
    Pesticide and fertilizer prohibited in BROAD Town
    Implemented the water and electricity metering systems for BROAD staff
  • 1999
    Invented the world's first non-electric zero emission air conditioning powered by exhaust gas from turbine
    Recommended low-load design to customers in product brochures to advocate energy conservation even at the risk of receiving complaints
  • 2002
    BROAD Organic Farm was developed to provide organic food to staff
  • 2003
    Released the BROAD Values to advocate "environmental protection is more important than profit"
  • 2004
    Invented the world's first Packaged Water Distribution System with operational energy decreased by 70-85% for cooling water and chilled water
    Initiated the annual energy consumption check policy for all customers with open reports
    The world's first company to take dispute risk by showing energy efficiency on chiller's control panel
  • 2005
    Translated and published 250,000 copies of YouthXchange , an environment guideline of UNEP
  • 2006
    Translated & published the 780-page Living in the Environment , an English environment encyclopedia
  • 2008
    China's first thoroughly-renovated community with all buildings at BROAD Town retrofitted with 15cm thermal insulation, 3-paned windows, external solar shading and heat recovery fresh air
    Invented the world's first clean fresh air machine, recovering exhaust heat by 80% and filtering PM2.5 by 99.9%
  • 2009
    Invented the world's first factory-made sustainable building that saves energy by 80%
    Invented the world's first Life Phone (Air Monitor) to detect PM2.5, CO2, etc.
    Completely replaced detergent with caustic soda and adopted reverse osmosis water as drinking water at BROAD Town
  • 2010
    Provided central air conditioning system and operation services to all 250 pavilions at World Expo Shanghai, cutting 73,000 tons of CO2 emissions, which equals to planting 4 million trees
    Built a sustainable building demo for The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP16, Cancun)
  • 2011
    BROAD chairman was awarded the "Champions of the Earth" by the UN for his contributions to energy conservation
  • 2012
    UN Secretary General cited BROAD as the only energy conservation case in the "RIO +20 Declaration"
    The Oval Mountain Organic Farm was built in Xiangyin County, gradually increase the food organic rate of staff to 80%
    Launched the 8-catergory garbage sorting system. Low Carbon Commute Incentives for Staff was carried out to encourage car-free staff
  • 2013
    BSB was awarded the CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat)
    Innovation Award for its contribution to innovative environmental conservation
    Installed solar panels for all factory roofs (230,000 m2) in BSB factory
  • 2014
    BROAD chairman was awarded the World's Top 25 Eco-Innovators by Fortune Magazine
    BROAD Recycled Oil Company obtained the qualification to utilize 30% of national waste mineral oil
  • 2015
    To make building an eternal wealth, BROAD started the invention of core tubular stainless steel slab and stopped production of steel structure during the same year
  • 2016
    To extend the lifespan of air-conditioning to 60 years and extend the lifespan of heat exchange tube to unlimited , BROAD replaced copper heat exchange tubes and stainless steel heat exchange tubes with titanium tubes
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