Sacramento International Airport, USA

A public airport located in northwest of downtown Sacramento, capital city of California.
Cooling capacity: 715kW

Model: BDH61.5X-81/95-38/29-7/13-B3-100

Heat source: jacket water


John Wayne Airport, California, USA

One of the oldest airports in USA.
Cooling capacity: 3,700kW

Model: BDH162X-81/110-34/26-6/16-B3-200*2

Heat source: Pressurized hot water from exhaust heat exchanger


Madrid Airport, Spain

The largest and busiest airport in Spain.
Cooling capacity: 19,800kW

Model: BDH284N-80/120-35/29-6.5/13.5-250*6

Heat source: Pressurized hot water from exhaust heat exchanger


Melbourne International Airport, Australia

Also known as Tullamarine Airport, it is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne, and the second busiest airport in Australia.
Cooling capacity: 6,384kW

Model: BH325X140/165-35/29.5-6/14-B2-500,BDH224X78/90-35/29.5- 6/14-B2-400

Heat source: hot water


Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

The largest airport in Turkey, and the 6th busiest in Europe 2012.
Cooling capacity: 6,800kW

Model: BDH193X-80/98-35/29-200*3

Heat source: jacket water


Pakistan Air Force Base

Located at Jacobabad, Pakistan, it is a military base operated by the Pakistan Air Force as well as a civilian airport.
Cooling capacity: 13,712kW

Model: BE393X450-37.5/32-d-H1-400*3

Heat source: exhaust

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