Grodno Khimvolokno, Grodno, Belarus

One of the largest manufacturers of polyamide yarns and fibers. Its products have been successfully supplied to around 30 countries.
Cooling capacity: 15,240kW

Model: BS200*2, BDH250*2, BDH300*2

Heat source: hot water, steam


Nakoda Limited, Gujarat, India

A company engaged in trading and manufacturing of textiles with nearly 30 years history.
Cooling capacity: 12,153kW

Model: BDH150*1, BDH200*1, BH250*1,BH300*1, BDS300*1

Heat source: hot water, steam


Hanif Spinning Mills, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hanif Spinning Mills is a well-known private textile company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Cooling capacity: 3,617kW

Model: BZ200XD-37/32-8.5/14.5-d,BDH111X80/88-37/32-8.5/14.5-150

Heat source: natural gas, hot water


Fazal Cloth Mills, Punjab, Pakistan

It is a Pakistan-based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of yarn.
Cooling capacity: 1,233kW

Model: BE106X440-d-B2-125

Heat source: exhaust


PT Indah Jaya, Banten, Indonesia

One of the biggest terry towel manufacturers in Indonesia.
Cooling capacity: 8,082kW

Model: BZH500IXD-475-80/90-d,BHE195X550-80/90-d-200

Heat source: natural gas, exhaust & jacket water

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