Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa, California, USA

Opened in 1988, the hotel has 300 rooms and is a 4-star hotel under Marriott Hotel Group.
Cooling capacity: 442kW

Model: BDH38IX88.8/95-7/12-B3-50

Heat source: hot water


Gansevoort Hotel, New York, USA

A 4-star luxury hotel brand located in New York city center.
Cooling capacity:2,651kW

Model: BZ94XD-H4-B4-100*2, BZ20N(K)C-H4-20*2

Heat source: natural gas


Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

This hotel has 237 luxurious guest rooms and 112 extravagent suites at Burj Rafal in the Kingdom.
Cooling capacity: 19,364kW

Model: BZ400*4, BZ250*1

Heat source: diesel oil


Conrad Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

A super luxury 5-star hotel under Hilton Group.
Cooling capacity: 1,861kW

Model: BHE160X475-92/99-90/70-6/12-k-200-Ma

Heat source: exhaust, hot water from power engine


Park Hyatt Busan Hotel, Busan, Korea

A world-famous luxury 5-star hotel under Accor Group.

Cooling capacity: 3,512kW

Model: BS151X0.8-37/30-6/13-200*2

Heat source: steam

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