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Chinese Embassy, Seoul, Korea

Located at Namsan district where is famous for downtown area.
Cooling capacity: 1,750kW

Model: BZY50*3

Heat source: natural gas


China Consulate-General, Los Angeles, USA

It is Chinese diplomatic institution headquartered at 443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles.
Cooling capacity: 233KW

Model: BZY20XD-k

Heat source: natural gas


275 Madison Avenue, New York, USA

275 Madison Avenue is a landmark art deco skyscraper located at the southeast corner of Madison Avenue and East 40th Street.
Cooling capacity: 1,918kW

Model: BDS165X0.1-38/29.4-6.1/11.7-B4-200

Heat source: steam


Biomass District Heating, Hjorring, Denmark

The first double lift heat pump in the world. The difference between the low temp. chilled water and high temp. heating water reaches 75℃.
Heating capacity: 13,000kW

Model: BDH258X155/170-85/57-10/20-1000-R1

Heat source: hot water


YANDEX Data Centre, Moscow, Russia

YANDEX is the biggest and most popular search engine and internet service company in Russia and Russia-speaking countries.
Cooling capacity: 12MW

Model: BZ400*3

Heat source: natural gas


National Australia Bank, Melbourne, Australia

One of the top three banks in Australia.
Cooling capacity: 1,940kW

Model: BHE167X453-84/92-35/29.5-d-200

Heat source: exhaust & jacket water, natural gas


National Commercial Bank HQ, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Founded in 1953, now it became the largest bank in middle east with 284 branches and 2.3 million clients, with total capital over USD 92 billion.
Cooling capacity: 4,710kW

Model: BZ150XB-37.5/32-d-150*3

Heat source: diesel


Korea Securities Finance Corp, Seoul, Korea

It is a famous financial company located in Seoul Finance Center. BROAD chillers are used to replace the existing electric chillers and boilers.
Cooling capacity: 1,745kW

Model: BZY75*2

Heat source: natural gas


Seoul Signature Tower, Seoul, Korea

One of the advanced office buildings in Seoul and marked by Leed.
Cooling capacity: 9,300kW

Model: BZ400*2

Heat source: natural gas


Korea Government Centre, Seoul, Korea

It is a renovation for Korea central government buildings including energy department, financial department, Ministry of the Environment etc. BROADchiller are used to replace the electric chillers.
Cooling capacity: 11,780kW

Model: BDH300*4, BDH75*1

Heat source: hot water


Banwol ECO park, Ansan, Korea

BROAD heatpumps recover the waste heat from industrial waste water to district heating system.
Heating capacity: 56,490kW

Model: BDS500X0.8-83/47-24/31-1000*4

Heat source: steam


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

It is an integral part of Singapore's City and captures the essence of Singapore as a tropical city with an ideal environment in which to live, work and play.
Cooling capacity: 675kW

Model: BDS58X0.6-75

Heat source: steam


DLF Cyber City, New Delhi, India

It is the third phase in DLF City with a total area of 12 km2. Also the biggest CCHP case in the world and a good case to study distribution energy system.
Cooling capacity: 275MW

Model: BE1000*8; BZHE400*14; BZHE150*11

Heat source: exhaust & jacket water, natural gas


Perusahaan Gas Negara(PGN), Surabaya, Indonesia

Located in Surabaya, it covers the gas supply for the whole eastern Java area, and it is the biggest state gas company in Indonesia.
Cooling capacity: 896kW

Model: BZ38.5IXDB-37.8/32.2-d-40*2

Heat source: natural gas


Grameenphone, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grameenphone is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh with more than 32 million subscribers.
Cooling capacity: 8,722kW

Model: BZE250XDB *2; BZ250XDB*1

Heat source: exhaust, natural gas/diesel oil


CEPM, Dominica Republic

The 1st District CHP system implemented in the Caribbean for commercial buildings.
Cooling capacity: 16,456kW

Model: BDH300*3, BDH250*2, BDH125*3

Heat source: pressurized hot water from power station


Canaan Land Community, Ogun State, Nigeria

The 1st Turbine Inlet Air Cooling system by absorption in Nigeria.
Cooling capacity: 1,406kW

Model: BEY121X509-d-125

Heat source: exhaust from gas turbine


Ocean Park, Hong Kong, China

It is rated as one of the world‘s most popular theme parks, with a total construction area of 700,000 m2. It is Asia's first water recreation center.
Cooling capacity: 930 kW

Model: BZ20XE-k*4

Heat source: town gas

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