Columbia University, New York, USA

The oldest institution of higher learning in New York, the fifth oldest in the United States, and a private Ivy League research university.
Cooling capacity: 6,676 kW

Model: BYS287X0.9-36.6/29.4-6.7/12.7-B3-300*2

Heat source: steam


University of Arizona, USA

Founded in 1885, the UA is a leader in research, ranking 20th among all public universities.
Cooling capacity: 500kW

Model: BDHY50(43.8)X-87.8/98-B3

Heat source: solar hot water


Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

One of the eight universities of the Ivy League and one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution.
Cooling capacity: 2,058kW

Model: BHE200

Heat source: exhaust & jacket water


University Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Founded in 1967, it is a state university and the youngest university in Baden-Wurttemberg.
Cooling capacity: 4,700kW

Model: BH405X140/160-35/27-5.5/12-600

Heat source: hot water


University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia

Established in 1874, it is the third oldest university in Australia. It is associated with five Nobel laureates, 104 Rhodes scholars.
Cooling capacity: 570kW

Model: BDH26X83/94-33.5/28-30,BDH23X86.3/95-30

Heat source: hot water


Tel Aviv University, Israel

Tel Aviv University is a world-class academic institution established four decades ago.
Cooling capacity: 210kW

Model: BDH18X85/95-35/30-7/12-20

Heat source: hot water from solar collector

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