Shopping Mall

Clombo Shopping Mall, Lisbone, Portugal

The biggest shopping mall in Portugal.
Cooling capacity: 3,600kW

Model: BE155X410-33/28-6/12-d-200*2

Heat source: exhaust

IKEA Shopping, Ostrava, Czech

World's famous shopping mall for furnitures.
Cooling capacity: 1,300kW

Model: BDH112X75/85-30/25-6/12-150

Heat source: hot water

Zamok Shopping Mall, Minsk, Belarus

Zamok is located near Minsk Arena, and is one of the biggest entertainment complex in Minsk.
Cooling capacity:4,200kW

Model: BDH180X70/90-31/26-250*2

Heat source: hot water

GS Complex Business Plaza, Seoul, Korea

It's a complex plaza locates in Songpa District, Seoul. With Lotte department store included and Garak subway station nearby.
Cooling capacity:15,512kW

Model: BDH300*3, BDH250*2,BDH125*1, BDH100*2

Heat source: hot water from city heating system


East Delhi Mall, India

One of most remarkable shopping malls in east of New Delhi integrated with shops and modern hotels.
Cooling capacity::4,210 kW

Model: BZHE181IXBD(d)500-88/98-200*2

Heat source: exhaust & jacket water, natural gas


DLF Promenade Vasant Kunj Mall, New Delhi, India

One of Delhi's most high-end commercial properties used for shopping malls, food courts & multiplexes.
Cooling capacity:5,233 kW

Model: BZHE150IXBD485-92/98-K-B2*3

Heat source: exhaust & jacket water, natural gas


Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

One of the most well-known landmarks in Jakarta. It is an integrated commercial mall including Carrefour, department store, catering, apartments and hotels.
Cooling capacity:10,153kW

Model: BHE400*1, BHE500*1

Heat source: hot water, exhaust

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