Hilmar cheese company, California, USA

Hilmar Cheese Company is a cheese and whey products manufacturer with its main site located in Hilmar, California.
Cooling capacity: 2,093kW

Model: BDH180X-70/100-36.4/29.4-5/8.9-B3-600

Heat source: jacket water


Sab Miller Brewery, Budapest, Hungary

One of the world's leading brewers, operating across six continents.
Cooling capacity: 372kW

Model: BDH32X87/97-32/27-5/15-50

Heat source: hot water


Nestle Slovakia

A factory of Nestle in Slovakia and is reputed locally.
Cooling capacity: 244kW

Model: BDHY20(21) X90/105-30/25-8/14

Heat source: hot water


Konya Sugar Factory, Konya, Turkey

The largest company in the Turkish agricultural sector and ranks the 49th in Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises.
Cooling capacity: 535kW

Model: BDH46X76/88-32.5/27.5-7/12-75

Heat source: hot water


Aalst Cocolate, Singapore

A manufacturer of fine quality chocolate that is exported worldwide.
Cooling capacity: 1,163kW

Model: BZY50IXD-d, BZ2IXD-5/10-d-25,BZ30IXD-12/20-90/80-w-25

Heat source: natural gas


CP Meji, Saraburi, Thailand

One of the largest manufacturers and distributors of dairy products in Thailand.
Cooling capacity: 698kW

Model: BDH60X88/95-37.5/32-7/12-75

Heat source: hot water

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