Abramo Printing, Calabria, Italy

A famous printing factory in Italy with over 100 years history. Their production of forms for Poste Italiane is an example of rapid processes and efficiency for more commercial printed works.
Cooling capacity: 326kW

Model: BDH28IX85/95-33/28-30

Heat source: hot water


Tiskarna Svoboda, Prague, Czech

Svoboda Press s.r.o. is currently the largest printing house in the Czech Republic with 50+ years tradition. The company was founded in 1953, incorporating several printing companies in Prague in the process.
Cooling capacity: 535kW

Model: BDH46IX75/95-34/27-6/12-75

Heat source: hot water


EREN Holding, Tekirdag, Turkey

One of the leading business conglomerates in Turkey with business in energy, paper, packaging, retail, cement, textile and tourism sectors.
Cooling capacity: 3,000kW

Model: BDH86IX85/105-36/29-6/12-100*3

Heat source: hot water


Halkali Kagit Karton Sanayi, Istanbul, Turkey

A world wide company in terms of its modern biological treatment facilities and other environmental arrangement. It is remarkably stated that it only uses 100% waste paper into production.
Cooling capacity: 1,163kW

Model: BS100IX0.8

Heat source: steam


Thai Kraft Paper Industry, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

A leading manufacturer of packaging and industrial paper in Asia. It's also a symbolic heat pump project in Thailand.
Cooling capacity: 2,175kW

Model: BDS77X0.7-85/55-34/38-150

Heat source: steam


Gramedia, Banten, Indonesia

Kompas Gramedia Group is the largest media conglomerate in Indonesia.
Cooling capacity: 1,163kW

Model: BZHE100XBD-478-84/90-d

Heat source: exhaust & jacket water, natural gas

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