Completely eradicates PM2.5 and bacteria to root out aircon disease

Aircon disease which is caused by bacteria bred in condensed water of fan coils has been harming mankind's health for almost one hundred years since the invention of aircon, then why not completely stop bacteria to the coils? With this question, BROAD invented an air conditioner installed with super-high efficient filter - Aircon Lung- Pro, which can filter PM2.5 by 99%, making coils clean enough to lick and completely clearing away the hotbed for bacteria. Surprisingly enough, with the invention of centrifugal fan with super high compression ratio instead of cross-flow fan, BROAD Aircon Lung-Pro is much thinner than traditional product, and the power consumption of the centrifugal fan remains almost unchanged compares with air conditioner with no filtration function. Great invention is always disruptive of deeply-rooted thinking model.


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