Home Use Series

BROAD Home Use Series Air Purifiers adopt minimalist design with compact shape and little operating noise. They strive to meet the air purification needs of any size living space and can be integrated into a variety of interior design styles.

Every type of air purifier can be carried home from store by hand. Once home, plug and play. Purchase and installation are a piece of cake.

Large Series

BROAD Large Series Air Purifiers with high air volume and wide coverage are applied to larger space.TA1000 and TA2000 can be used for a large house.


1. The applicable area depends on the contamination degree and the situation that if windows are open.

2. As the electrostactic cleaner uses static electricity with nearly no filtration resistance, it costs a little consumption of electricity of 0.07~0.14W/m3. It works continously 24 hours unless no one is at home.

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