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BROAD has been employing the world’s first global monitoring networking system of for central air conditioning since 1996, enabling every non- electric air conditioning user to enjoy BROAD engineer’s service 365/24. In 2007, BROAD proposed the intelligence building controlling philosophy of “unlimited energy-saving, wireless control, unmanned interference, and borderless management”. Later on, BROAD developed the BROAD energy consumption and air quality monitoring system, as well as the digital monitoring platform which combines energy consumption, air quality and equipment monitoring together, based upon which, BROAD provides intelligent solutions for buildings.

CA:Premise Distribution System ; program controlled switching system; computer network system; wireless network coverage system; indoor communication distribution system; satellite TV and cable TV system SA:wireless walky-talky system; closed-Circuit television system; security alarm system; e-card system OA: multimedia conferencing system; information distribution system; multimedia information query system BA: intelligentlighting control system; energy monitoring system; building automation control system FA:background music and broadcast domain fire control linkage system


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