EMC Brief Introduction
Energy Management Contract

EMC (Energy Management Contract) has been widely applied in Western developed countries for decades. It is a kind of marketing mechanism that uses commercial methods to promote and achieve energy conversation. BROAD EMC is to establish energy management contracts with customers to supply: energy diagnosis, energy efficiency retrofits, operation management service, and financing services. BROAD receives the return of investment and obtain reasonable profit by saving energy while users can benefit from energy and operational cost reductions as well as reducing risk and operational headaches associated with running their facilities.

BROAD EMC Advantages

Professional manufacturing: The most energy efficient and reliable products.

Professional team: Almost 30 years of central air conditioning operation & service experience.

Large database resource: Energy consumption survey data from BROAD global customers.

Full information: 24/7, 365 days a year global internet monitoring service.


A. Entrust EMC-outsourcing

BROAD is responsible the A/C system operation management. The maintenance cost of chillers and terminal units is included in BROAD's contract. The customer is responsible for paying the energy cost. Both sides will set up an acceptable energy cost value as an assessment standard every 3 years. By the end of every year, based on the energy market price index, customers pay 50% of the saving profit to BROAD.

B. Operation EMC

For the projects with a reasonable A/C system design and installation, BROAD will take over all the cost, including chiller energy cost, chiller and terminal unit maintenance cost. In this method, BROAD can save 5% to 20% operation cost compared with conventional operation method by customer.

C. Partial Investment EMC

BROAD and customers jointly invest in the retrofitting of the existing HVAC system (or new building construction). BROAD is responsible for all the cost including chiller energy cost, chiller and terminal unit maintenance cost. BROAD will be responsible for 20% to 50% of the total investment, which can typically be paid back in 4 to 6 years operational savings.

D. Full Investment EMC

BROAD fully invests in the system retrofitting or construction and receive the return on investment from the following 5 to 10 years operation. (Similar to Model C)

E. Equipment Rental EMC

Customer rents BROAD equipment and engineering, the yearly rental expense is about 10% of the equipment and engineering. During the rental period, the equipment property rights belongs to BROAD, either Mode A and Mode B EMC will be supplied.

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