BROAD Pavilion

What is the biggest exhibit in the Shanghai Expo? BROAD non-electric central air conditioning.

Below is the Expo map with red spots indicating the 22 BROAD non-electric central air conditioning machine rooms, which provide central air conditionings to all 200 Expo pavilions.

What is the biggest exhibit in the BROAD Pavilion? The building itself.

Rome wasn’t built in one day, but the BROAD pavilion has stood up in one day. From the 3 minute movie, visitors can see that on March 6, 2010 BROAD built this 6 floor, 2000m2 building, including external walls, windows, floors and roofs, in 24 hours. All components were factory made and assembled by bolts, without traditional civil engineering and decoration. This is one miracle in human history, but a much bigger miracle is the “965201”

Level 9 Earthquake Resistance: diagonal bracing structure, light weight, steel construction, passed level 9 earthquake resistance testing

6x Less Material: even though the construction materials are much lighter(250kg/m2) than the traditional materials(over 1500kg/m2), the floors and walls are solid with surefootedness, airtight and sound-proofing

5x Energy Efficient: 150mm thermal insulation for walls and roofs, triple glazed plastic windows, external solar shading, heat insulation, fresh air heat recovery, LED lighting, yearly HAVC A/C energy consumption equivalent to 7 liters oil.

20x Purification: after 3 levels of purification, the purification efficiency for fresh air reaches 95%-99.9%; air exchanged 1-2.5 times per hour, and indoor air is 20x cleaner than out door air

1% Construction Waste: all components are factory made, construction waste, mainly package materials, result from on site set-up only and amount to 1% of the total weight of the building.

This is the first building in human history which combines almost all environmental friendly, comfortable and secure elements. So, we call it: Sustainable Building.

What is the most impressive exhibit in the BROAD Pavilion? The Earthquake Experience Room.

This is an earthquake simulate device, and it can imitate the strength, direction and length of the Wenchuan and the Yushu earthquake. Each time the room can hold 30-40 people, and our goal in creating this Earthquake Experience Room is to show attendees the signs and results of earthquakes and increase earthquake resistance design experience for architects.

What is the most dazzeling exhibit in the BROAD Pavilion? The multi-media pyramid and 4D globe.

Under the huge sky of the pyramid, visitors will experience all walks of life: one second they are in outer space staring down at climate change on earth and in the next second they are standing in an intersection in a metropolis. Visitors will discover the future of the world while buried deep within the crowd of 7 billion people.

How can fire create cooling?

A small sized, non-electric air conditioniner provides cooling to the entire BROAD Pavilion, and doubles as a demonstration site, where visitors are free to witness the process of creating cooling with fire: watch the flame from the burning natural gas, feel the 7℃ refrigeration water flowing inside tubes. Since non-electric central air conditioning’s main principle is to directly change heat into cooling, it can be 2 times as energy efficient as traditional electric air conditioning as it avoids energy losses from traditional electric air conditioning’s five energy conversions required to produce cooling. At the Expo, Broad non-electric air central air conditioning reduces 73,000 tons of co2 emission, realizing the Low Carbon Expo concept. BROAD non electric central air conditioning reduces the co2 emissions of more than 70 countries around the world.


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