Service Culture
Service Philosophy

Only to create unique value for customers, Broad has the value of existence.

Only to regard the customers as who we rely on for living, we are able to be sincere.

Only to be sincere, we will be more creative and achieve technical miracles.

Only to be sincere, we will not feel tired and therefore provide service joyfully to our customers.

Only to provide more service for customers, we will be able to get more.

Only to provide better service as we can, we will have a brighter future.

Service Mission

Ensuring Zero break-down and the designed energy efficiency of over 95% throughout the chiller’s life span.

BROAD Air Conditioning Service

Service Institution:BROAD A/C Service Center has 20 domestic service departments, 7 overseas service departments and 28 authorized overseas facilitators. Besides these, BROAD has more than 600 resident service staff. Among them, over 90% persons hold bachelor’s degrees or above,more than 20 persons are honored with Senior-level vocational titles and over 100 persons hold middle-level vocational titles.

Service Management:Implement service engineer life-long tenure and liability, persist in “service zero omission”

Service Scale:Life-long service for BROAD A/C products, energy saving service and operation management service for all the customers

Energy Saving Service:Prepare energy saving proposal for customer and carry out the retrofitting; survey user’s energy consumption yearly. Appraise the “Excellent Energy Saving User”, award certificate of honor and bonus. Conduct energy-saving experience-sharing sessions about “Energy Saving Creates Value”

User Training:Annual free(quota) operation management training course and regular energy management seminars.

Service Profile:Build 30 years complete service profile for every chiller and make the consultation and handling of service information whenever and wherever possible through online electronic record system.

Spare Parts Management:Different model product components have versatility and interchangeability. Each service bureau setup their spare parts store and the headquarters stores 25 years spare parts for chillers to meet the service demand throughout the chiller life span.

Service Center Headquarters Telephone: +86-731-84086265, Fax: Fax:+86-731-84611357, E-mail:

Welcomes the comprehensive evaluation on the product and service quality.

Service Tradition

Loyalty: Be loyal to the company and users.

Diligent: Be diligent in study, work and communication.

Strictness: Be strict with management, standards and self-discipline.

Service Ability

Air Conditioning Expert: BROAD service engineers provide excellent maintenance to air conditioning equipment to make sure the equipment runs at high efficiency in long term.

Air Conditioning Housekeeper: BROAD operation technicians conduct fine operation and management to make sure the air conditioning performance can meet customers’ requirement.

Cover the cost: Cover the cost according to the contract, including equipment energy efficient retrofitting, air conditioning energy, equipment maintenance, and water quality management etc.

Service Content

Basic Service
  • Product installation technology guidance
  • Product life span maintenance service.
Energy Saving Service
  • Product technology upgrading and energy saving operation guidance.
  • System optimization design and retrofitting.
  • EMC- Energy Management Contract.
  • DCHP system investment, construction and operation.
  • Building energy efficiency, clean fresh air and air purifying retrofitting
Basic Service
  • Product installation technology guidance
  • Product life span maintenance service.
  • Machine room installation drawing auditing.
  • 4 times maintenances and random operation inspection
  • Standard machine room establishment guidance
  • Free maintenance within warranty period.
  • Submit Installation Proposal.
  • Annual Service Agreement signing after warranty
  • System problems rectification and solution on-site.
Energy Saving Service
Part energy saving program introduction

BROAD has been researching energy saving technology incessantly and always shares the latest technologies with the old customers. Till now, BROAD has provided energy retrofitting for more than 1,000 customers and created enormous energy-saving benefit for them. After being retrofitted, the mainframe can save 10%~40% energy while water distribution system can save 50%~70% energy.

Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery

Function: Concatenating exhaust pipe with BROAD exhaust waste heat recovery device to produce hot water and to save 8%~10% energy.
Application: Widely used in places with hot water demand such as hotel, residence, hospital, school, business club, etc., and help to eliminate white smoke in winter.

Packaged Distribution System


  • Miraculous electricity saving── Zero water resistance design enables 60%+ electricity saving compared with conventional water distribution systems. Inverter controlled water pumps reduce the operating electricity consumption to 30%~50% of the rated power.
  • Complete bacteria killing── Auto dosing device charges biocide to the cooling water system automatically to eradicate legionnaire’s diseases.
  • Quick installation── Installation time is 10% of that needed for conventional projects, which saves a lot of time cost and labor cost for customers.
  • Cost and space saving── One-shot investment solves all problems: designing, purchasing, installation, commissioning, and 50% footprint reduction.
  • Worry-free and carefree── whole system factory made and tested. Customers’ management cost saved. All European/US safety certificates secured. Central A/C industrialization materialized.


Transmission of central A/C water system including A/C water, cooling water, hot water as well as other water medium.

Auto dosing, auto water discharging and filling, auto water softener, inverter controlled pumps, auto cooling/heating metering by ultrasonic flow meter, and auto protection from A/C water off.


Any water-cooled central A/C systems including electric and non-electric ones.

Fields of clean water, hot water, fire fight water, high-rise water supply, residence water supply, industrial water supply(special orders for specified filter, pump power and head)

Annual Water Quality Management of A/C system

Various kinds of salts( CaCO3, MgSiO3 for examples), micro-organisms and slime dissolved in the water develop scale inside the pipe line. Every 1mm scale can reduce 20%~40% cooling capacity of machine and consuming extra 15%~30% energy. Besides these, it increases the risk of corrosion under the scale and even copper pipe perforation.

Professional annual water quality management can prevent the water side of chiller copper pipes from scaling, reduce chiller energy consumption, prolong equipment life-span and avoid the breeding of legionella in cooling tower or condensate pan.

Energy Consumption Survey

First company to start energy consumption research about central A/C operation around the world
From 2004, BRAOD has been incessantly surveying ten thousands of central A/C users’ energy consumption records annually worldwide, analyzing mainframe energy efficiency and improving energy efficiency of system and management.
This energy consumption data base becomes energy efficiency basic data of national HAVC industry.

Energy saving experience seminar about Energy Saving Creating Values

BROAD Service Center has organized more than 200 energy saving seminars for 15,000 customers since 2002. These meetings are about Energy Saving-Creating Values and spreads BROAD philosophy and environmental protection concept, which makes many practical A/C system energy-saving operation management methods widespread in all customers and gains customer’s high-level recognition in service support and satisfaction. With the shortage of global energy supply, the problem of human’s inhabitant environment has been largely gazed by countries, including China for its world second energy consumption and No.1 CO2 emission rankings. All levels of Chinese government and state enterprises are paying more and more attention on energy saving and environment protection. While A/C system consumption, which occupies the largest part in building energy consumption is also focused.

The energy saving advantages of BROAD products and service philosophy which creates values for customers are particularly outstanding. BROAD's thousands of energy consumption researches, system diagnosis analysis, abundant energy efficiency retrofitting cases and experience are also needed by lots of customers who are not familiar with the whole central A/C system. BROAD provides A/C customers with an access of knowing and benefitting from energy saving retrofitting and management through various meetings and creates enormous energy saving values for customers, and then makes great contributions to country’s emission reduction.
Global Internet Monitoring System
Brief Introduction
BROAD has initiated monitoring through telephone in 1996 and has fully implemented Internet monitoring in 2004, which is the only monitoring management platform in A/C industry around the world until now.
The global Internet monitoring system at BROAD headquarters can monitor the non-electric chiller’s running status real-time 24/7 and any abnormity in the chiller including the decrease of energy efficiency. These abnormalities occurring can be found and handled on time by monitoring center expert system which provides guarantee for realizing incessant operation and unattended management of machine room and makes energy saving visible.
Now this platform has achieved multilevel monitoring covering overseas offices, service engineers and machines. It can synchronously implement remote alert and operation management. All the monitoring records are retained by the monitoring center permanently.
It is very easy for customers to connect with the monitoring system, simply by connecting a LAN cable.

Online Service

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