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It is a simple scientific principle that energy is the root cause of smog

China burns 50% of the global coal while covering less than 2% of the earth, which proves that frequent smog in China is never a coincidence.

Half of the coal is consumed by power generation, verifying that power causes serious smog.

Winter encounters more smog, verifying that heating operation causes serious smog.

Urban areas suffer more from smog, verifying that vehicles emit serious smog.

BROAD experience is very simple, that is to save energy, cut emissions & combat smog

In 1992, BROAD invented the non-electric central air conditioning powered by natural gas; providing clean cooling, heating and hot water.

In 1999, BROAD developed non-electric central air conditioning powered by exhaust heat; providing zero-emission cooling, heating and hot water.

In 2009, BROAD built the factory-made sustainable building (BSB), accomplishing 5 times more energy efficiency with 15cm thermal insulation, 4-paned windows, and fresh air heat recovery.

Since 2012, BROAD has started to award car-free staff, and has launched the 8-catergory garbage sorting system.

BROAD combating smog campaign is more than simple

Since 2005, BROAD created the clean fresh air machine that filters PM2.5 by 99.9%, and a complete series of clean air products for commercial and residential applications as well as wearable device and portable PM2.5 monitor.

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