Sustainable Building
Improves human life quality with buildings

For the past century, all walks of life have undergone tremendous changes, with the construction industry as the only exception - designers working behind the closed doors, unfixed contractors and migrant workers, and ''ants moving'' construction mode. Whether in developing or developed countries, they are all alike. Since 2009,BROAD has invested RMB 4 billion to the invention of Sustainable Buildings featuring industrialized building R&D, streamlined production, container-like transportation and standardized installation, reaching no collapse in 9-magnitude earthquake, 90% factory-made, 5 times more energy saving and 100 times better air purification. It has advanced the world architecture technology 100 years forward, and has improved the living quality of mankind overall. When the video of ''a 57F building constructed in 19 days'' went viral in 2015, people with high sensitivity are aware that the world history is about to be changed dramatically.

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