BROAD Philosophy

“To pursue proprietary technologies” is BROAD's core value. Ever since its inception in 1988, BROAD has never copied any technologies in the same industry, instead it has been striving to promote human progress by its disruptive innovations.

  • 1.
    The world's first floating-ball controlled, pressure-free hot water boiler (1989)
  • 2.
    China's first non-electric direct-fired air conditioner (DFA) (1992)
  • 3.
    The world's largest production lines & biggest testing platform for non-electric A/Cs (since 1996)
  • 4.
    The world's No.1 seller of non-electric A/Cs by sales volume (since 1996)

  • 5.
    The world's first three-in-one non-electric A/C, providing cooling, heating, and hot water (1994)
  • 6.
    The world's first non-electric A/C equipped with a plate heat exchanger (1997)
  • 7.
    The world's first non-electric exhaust-fired A/C (1999)
  • 8.
    The world's first exhaust, waste hot water, or natural gas powered non-electric A/C (2001)
  • 9.
    The world's first non-electric A/C with no vacuum pump used throughout its operation life (2006)
  • 10.
    The world's first zero-resistance inverter-controlled water distribution system for central A/C (2003)

  • 11.
    The world's first global networking monitoring system of central A/C (1996)
  • 12.
    China's first to implement "Energy Management Contract" for central A/C (2005)
  • 13.
    The world's first non-electric A/C manufacturer with its complete product range passing the European and American quality and safety certifications (1999)
  • 14.
    China's first DFA national standard (2001)

  • 15.
    The world's only indoor unit with an electrostatic cleaner (2005)
  • 16.
    The world's only air purifier with the functions of electrostatic cleaning and oxygen deficiency monitoring (2006)
  • 17.
    The world's only clean fresh air machine that can filter 99.9% of PM2.5 and recover 80% of the heat (2008)
  • 18.
    The world's only mobile phone that can detect PM2.5 level (2009)

  • 19.
    China's first thoroughly- renovated community with 15 cm thermal insulation and 3-paned windows (since 2008)
  • 20.
    The world's first factory-made building with a construction speed of 3 floors per day, 5X energy efficiency, and 100X cleaner air (2009)
  • 21.
    The world's only ultra-light and ultra-strong structural technology that replaces honey comb slab with core tubular stainless steel slab (CTS slab) (2016)
  • 22.
    The world's only hot air copper brazing technology for CTS slab (2017)
  • 23.
    The world's only CTS slab building (2017)
  • 24.
    The world's only CTS slab bridge (2018)


September 15, 2018

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